What Is An Air Fryer Used For?

What Is An Air Fryer Used For

Cooking is an essential part of human existence that can not be overlooked at all costs. This art, science, and craft of preparing food for consumption through the use of heat have witnessed evolution since time immemorial.

Food smoking, boiling, steaming, roasting, baking, barbecuing, braising, and grilling are some of the methods that have been known for ages now.

As Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw would put it- “There is no sincere love than the love of food.”, only confirms why scientists are still working tirelessly to find better ways of cooking and enjoying food.

With that in mind, the lesser known Air Fryer is the latest addition to the cooking world. Chefs and those who love cooking can’t just get enough of this cool appliance.

This begs the question, what exactly is an air fryer and what is it used for?

What’s an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a new generation convection oven that works by circulating hot air over food instead of submerging it into the oil. It has a cooking chamber that radiates heat from a heating element and a fan that circulates hot air over the food to aid the cooking.

Uses of an Air fryer

Perhaps you’ve known air fryers for the primary use of just ‘frying’ food. That’s not the only use, air fryers go far beyond that.

Unlike other kitchen cooking appliances that might limit you to what you can use them for, air fryers come with a wide range of cooking recipes, from desserts, snacks, and even main meals.

Below is a break-down of other amazing stuff you can use your air fryer for.

Air-frying all kinds of chicken

This was bound to be number one on the list. Air fryers are great when it comes to cooking chicken. In fact, many people testify to love chicken prepared in air fryers thus, making it one of the favorite recipes an air fryer can prepare.

The other thing I loved about it is the ability to prepare all kinds of chicken.

You can choose to coat chicken in breadcrumbs for a healthier experience or just cook without breading for that tender and flavorful taste.

Chicken wings, breasts, and thighs can all be prepared separately through your preferred method. Furthermore, you can still cook the chicken as a whole and still enjoy that crispy taste.

Preparing hard-boiled eggs

Many would wonder how this works the same way I was also baffled the first time I learned air fryers can actually cook hard eggs.

How now? Very simple, you don’t even need water, after all, water has no space in an air fryer.

Just place your eggs in an air fryer basket and set temperatures to 120°C and leave to cook for about 3 minutes.

Remove and place in a bowl with cold water for 10 minutes then peel and enjoy your eggs.

Baking some cakes and cookies

To make air fryer cookies, preheat your air fryer to 325°C, then in batches, put slices in one layer on a grease tray in the air fryer basket. Cook for about 8-12 minutes then cool for 2 minutes in a basket.

To reach a drizzling consistency, you can mix some confectioners’ sugar and lemon in a bowl. Drizzle it over the cookies and let it stand until set.

Roasting pumpkin seeds

I’m sure you didn’t see this coming.

Air fryers are actually used to bring out the crispiest taste you’d think of when it comes to enjoying well-dried pumpkin seeds.

Unlike traditional methods that take hours to roast your pumpkin seeds, this snack can be prepared within a few minutes in an air fryer.

Other than the short cook time, you get to enjoy very crispy and tasty seeds cooked over a relatively short time. This can be a perfect snack for busy households or just when seeking convenience in preparing this great delicacy.

Making egg rolls

Perhaps you’ve been grappling with the idea of finding the best balance when making spicy egg rolls for your appetizer or just sweet eggs for a dessert.

With an air fryer, you are guaranteed perfectly cooked eggs with a soft interior while still maintaining that crispy shell.

This method is very fast and uses fewer ingredients.

Aren’t you just eager to try this out!

Preparing homemade chips

You can make a variety of recipes from kale chips, sweet potato chips, beet chips, or even pickle chips.

Cut your potatoes into thin slices and soak for about 15 minutes. Add ice and soak for a further 15 minutes. Drain water and pat dry with a towel.

Place potatoes in a greased air fryer basket, add salt, and cook for about 15 minutes. Turn at 5-7 minutes in between the cooking for evenly cooked chips.

Making ravioli

If you are looking to prepare those ravioli with less hassle then an air fryer should be your best friend.

Ravioli can be tasty on your tongue when prepared in the right manner. With an air fryer preheated to 400°C, bake for 12-15 minutes or until it turns to a golden brown.

Be sure to follow the directions on the ravioli package for optimum results.

French fries

I’d not wrap up the uses of an air fryer without mentioning french fries. French fries fanatics, this is the appliance you must have if you are looking to enjoy your fries prepared with low fats while still maintaining the crunchy and crispy taste.

What not to cook in an air fryer

As much as air fryers are great in preparing a variety of recipes, not all will come out with that great taste you are looking for.

Some of the recipes that you should avoid preparing in your air fryer are:

Battered foods

An air fryer will not give you the desired results when preparing battered recipes. The batter, in liquid form, will fly all over and get messy once you close the air fryer. That will mean much trouble when preparing pork chops or chicken.

Closely follow air fryer recipes before trying out some of these foods.

Fresh cheese

Cheese is a great delicacy that you would probably love to prepare with your air fryer. Unfortunately, cheese when placed in an air fryer will melt and become messier by sticking in the air fryer, hence even more trouble during cleaning.

Raw vegetables

Preparing your raw veggies in an air fryer will not give you that delicious taste you are looking for.

Raw produce turns out to be duller compared to frozen vegetables when prepared in an air fryer.

Consider using other cooking methods if you are looking to enjoy your veggies.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other comparative cooking appliances, air fryers come out to be a more important addition to your cooking given their wide range of cooking options.

Whether you want to make a main meal for the family, a dessert, or even a snack, this is a one-stop cooking unit that any modern kitchen should not miss out on.

I’ve fallen in love with this appliance given its effectiveness that at times I’ve forgotten to use my oven when preparing meals.

Although you should not entirely rely on air fryers for your meal preparations, I’d greatly recommend you have an air fryer in your kitchen given the diverse cooking options and health benefits that come along with it.

However, if you are a big consumer of veggies, then an air fryer might not be for you.

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