Is Air Frying Safe?

Is AIr Frying Safe

For anyone who has ever used an air fryer or heard about how an air fryer operates, you probably know it uses the healthiest means to make meals fast and with a fried crispy finish.

Many diseases today like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and certain cancers are reportedly being caused by either the food we consume or methods used in preparing them.

With obesity prevalence and other high-fat consumption-related illnesses, air fryers were made to address this prevalence as people continue to seek healthy practices around their kitchens.

But, is air frying safe and a reliable way of cooking when it comes to your health as we’ve lived to believe?

This post exposes the truths, half-truths, and outright lies.

How Air Frying Works

Unlike what the name suggests, air frying doesn’t involve the use of fat in frying as it may be assumed. Air frying uses hot air evenly circulated on food with almost zero fat or just a spoonful. This is contrary to widely known cooking methods like pan-frying or deep-frying.

Air fryers operate a little like ovens but here there is a hot air chamber with a perforated basket where food is suspended and heat evenly distributed to aid the cooking.

Air frying is much faster than comparative cooking methods like roasting and deep-frying.

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Benefits of air frying food

Air frying food has plentiful benefits when done properly. Studies show that air fryers, compared with other cooking appliances and methods have far more benefits than drawbacks.

What are some of these benefits?

Promotes weight loss

Obesity prevalence is directly associated with a higher intake of fried foods. This is so because deep-fried food has lots of fats.

Consuming air-fried foods coupled with other healthy habits can greatly aid weight loss.

Reduces the risk of diseases

Obesity, breast cancer, hypertension are among the diseases caused by high fat intake found in deep-fried foods.

Replacing your cooking with air frying greatly reduces these risks.

Fast and efficient

Air frying food is the fastest way of preparing meals if you live in a busy household and without time to babysit your food while cooking.

Most air fryers don’t even need preheating when you need to prepare meals and they are also super easy to clean after cooking.

Cuts on the formation of harmful compounds

During high-temperature cooking like when deep-frying, roasting, or baking food, a harmful cancerous compound called acrylamide is produced mostly when food is overcooked.

According to studies, air fryers have been found to have low cancer hazard risks compared to other conventional devices.

Adverse effects of air fryers

Air fryers generally have more benefits to health. That, however, doesn’t leave some of its drawbacks unnoticed.

Here are some of the adverse effects of air fryers on your health.

Healthy food is not a guarantee

There is still limited information about the negative effects of air fryers, hence, many are still skeptical whether air fryers are safe or not.

Acrylamide-a cooking process by-product plus other cancerous compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines can be formed due to high heat-cooking especially when preparing meals like meat.

Personally, after reading somewhere that research is still ongoing about other possible adverse effects of air fryers, I’ve limited air frying foods to about two to three times a month.

Reverse psychology on the choice of food

Although air fried foods are proven to be more healthy compared to deep frying, limiting your intake should be your number one concern.

You might easily be misled into thinking that air fried is 100% healthy hence your urge to consume even more.

Other people also find preparing meals using air fryers to be super fast and can make one overly rely on air fried foods.

Consider including other healthy diets like vegetables and take a break from air fried foods from time to time.

Use other healthy cooking habits like roasting and steaming for optimized flavors.

This way, you’ll greatly save yourself the agony of associated health complications.

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Best Foods to Air-Fry

My obsession with air frying all sorts of foods from desserts, snacks to mains taught me one lesson. Just because you use an air fryer does not mean all your meals will come out crispy and with your desired flavor.

Among the many recipes I tasted, I fell in love with homemade french fries. I don’t think there is any better way out there to enjoy french fries apart from air frying them.

However, some of the best foods to air-fry that I found to be equally tasty and crispy are frozen foods such as bacon, steak, chicken breast, and cookies.

You might want to try out more recipes to find out what cooks best in your air fryer.

Take into consideration that some of these foods would be best prepared using other methods and still come out tasty and with great flavor.

Air frying food is just an alternative to other cooking methods and should not be mistaken as the best in preparing meals.

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Final Thoughts – Is Air Frying Safe?

In my entire experience using air fryers, I’ve come to experience more advantages than disadvantages compared to other cooking methods I’ve used around my kitchen before.

The only drawback about using an air fryer, which is also found among other cooking methods is the possible formation of the cancerous compound-acrylamide when food is overcooked.

This can easily be solved by choosing the right type of air fryer. Probably one with a cooking timer and heat-regulating feature.

You should, however, try to cut down on your fried food consumption if you are looking to stay healthy. Don’t entirely rely on air fryers; consider incorporating other healthy cooking methods in preparing meals.

Otherwise, with all precautions observed, I find air frying to be safe and healthy.

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