How to Brew Coffee Grounds

How to Brew Coffee Grounds

How to Brew Coffee Grounds

Imagine waking up to a dead coffee maker or going out with friends, but you got no way to enjoy your favorite drink. What about that day when you have no electricity yet your body is begging for a sip? There is no cause to worry. You can brew coffee without necessarily using a drip coffee maker, a Chemex, or a coffee maker.

Furthermore, you don’t need complicated kitchen items. You’ll use basic items that are easy to find. Meanwhile, have the dead coffee maker repaired or replaced altogether. You might need the machine again.

But first, here are tips for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee:

Get freshly ground coffee: After about fifteen to twenty minutes, coffee grounds start losing their flavor. It is why beans are better kept in their green state because it helps preserve their taste. Ensure you use freshly ground beans for a better coffee experience.

Freshly roasted coffee is better: The date of roasting affects the quality of the coffee in your cup. As much as possible, stick to beans grounded within the last two weeks.

Water matters too: You don’t want to scald your beans; please avoid too hot water. Neither do you want to under-extract them; be sure to avoid overly cold water. As a general guide, your water temperature should range between 195 to 205 degrees. In case you don’t have a thermometer, just allow the water to sit for 30 seconds after boiling.

Be resourceful: The methods suggested in this article won’t require any complicated item or ingredient. However, you will need to be creative in using what is available.

The Cowboy Method

Brew it well, and you will keep going back to prepare some more. Why? The cowboy method delivers a pleasant cup of coffee that is difficult to resist. By the way, the method has nothing to do with cowboys.

You’ll Need:

· Medium or fine coffee grounds.

· Small saucepan, kettle, or pot.

· Something to stir with.

· Mug.

· Source of heat like a stove or a campfire.

Brewing Procedure:

· Add the coffee grounds into the pot/kettle/saucepan (one spoon per serving, please).

· Add water and stir well. Be sure to use a slightly higher amount of water since you will lose some along the way.

· Place the pot on the fire and leave to boil for two minutes. Remove the pot from the fire.

· Allow sitting for four minutes for the grounds to settle at the bottom.

· Pour your coffee into the mug. Do it carefully to avoid spilling the grounds into your ready-to-drink coffee.

· Add sugar (optional)

Pro-tip: Sprinkling some little cold water can help sink floating coffee grounds.

The Swedish Egg Method

You read right. You will be drinking coffee with one of the ingredients being an egg. Remember, you don’t need a coffee maker or electricity.

You’ll Need

· Coarsely ground coffee

· An egg or several, depending on the preferred amount of coffee

· Bowl or mug

· Room temperature water

· Ice cold water

· A filter or absorbent paper towel, handkerchief, cheesecloth, or cotton kitchen towel

· A saucepan

Brewing Procedure:

· Add the room temperature water into the saucepan (1 cup per serving).

· Crack the egg and put it into the bowl, including the shell, then beat and stir well.

· Put the coffee grounds into the egg and stir.

· Add the mixture into your boiling water and allow to boil for 3-5 minutes. Be sure to keep a close watch—an overflow can happen.

· Wait for the slurry to clamp and float at the top, then splash one cup of the ice-cold water.

· Leave the mixture to sit for 1 minute for the slurry and coffee ground to settle at the bottom.

· Carefully pour your drink through your filter and into the mug.

The Coffee Bag Method

The coffee bag method dates back to the 18th century when the French are said to have invented the linen coffee bag. The method allows you to prepare and sip coffee as if it were a cup of tea.

You’ll Need:

· Hot water

· Coffee grounds

· String (one that’s not coated with wax)

· Coffee filter

· Mug

Brewing Procedure

· Pour a single serving of the grounds into the coffee filter.

· Close the filter, then tie tightly at the top to make a coffee bag.

· Place the coffee bag in the mug while leaving a long piece of the string hanging outside the mug.

· Boil your water using a pot, pan, or kettle or simply place a cup of water in the microwave.

· Add the hot water into the mug and allow it to seep through the coffee grounds and the filter.

· Once you are comfortable with the strength of your brew, remove the coffee bag.

· Add sugar or cream (optional) and enjoy.

Pro tips:

· If you can’t get a coffee filter from the stores, you can use a teabag.

· You only need to swap the tea leaves with grounds. Also, leave some space at the top of your filter before tying. The grounds need some space because the heat causes them to expand.

· For a stronger brew, simply squeeze the filter to force out more juices.

The Makeshift Filter Method

The makeshift coffee filter method is similar to the coffee bag method. The primary difference is the type of filter used.

You’ll Need:

· Water

· Medium or fine coffee grounds

· Mug

· Paper filter or absorbent paper towel, handkerchief, cheesecloth, or cotton kitchen towel

· Paper clips, binders, elastics, or anything else to hold the filter in place.

Brewing Procedure:

· Fold your filter into a square big enough to cover the mouth of the mug and hang outside.

· Secure the filter on the mug while checking on tightness. If it’s too tight, water might pour-over, and if it’s too loose, it will sag and dip into your coffee.

· Place the coffee grounds on the filter and shake mildly to spread the grounds evenly.

· Boil the water and allow it to cool for 30 seconds.

· Pour a little amount on the grounds and allow to sit for 30 seconds for blooming (release of carbon dioxide from coffee beans) to take place.

· Slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds. For easier brewing, pour little amounts of water at intervals of 30 seconds while teasing the grounds using a spoon.

· After pouring all the water, carefully remove the filter.

· Add sugar or cream (optional).


· For quicker brewing, you can use a strainer to filter the coffee grounds.

· A thick paper filter is better because it won’t tear easily.

· Double paper filters are excellent in terms of extraction and strength.

· If the suggested filters are unavailable, a piece of absorbent fabric can also work.

The Fake French Press Method

As one of the easiest methods, it allows you to brew a cup over a campfire. Therefore, no worries about not having a French press within reach. Note that the brewing procedure is similar to the cowboy method, but it gives you a better drink since it perfectly mimics a French press. Sounds great?

You’ll Need:

· Water

· Medium or coarse coffee grounds

· Two mugs—if you can get one with a sprout, use it for brewing then, drink from the one without a sprout. Alternatively, you can use a deep bowl and a mug.

· Tablespoon

Brewing Procedure

· Put the coffee grounds in one of the mugs or use the bowl (one tablespoonful per cup).

· Add a small amount of hot water enough to saturate the grounds, then leave it for 30 seconds to allow for blooming.

· Add the remaining water and leave to brew for four minutes or more if you like a stronger drink.

· Use the spoon to press the coffee grounds to the bottom of the bowl or mug.

· Pour your coffee into the other mug. Do it carefully to avoid the grounds getting into your drinking cup. Alternatively, you can use a strainer or a spoon to keep the coffee from falling into your drink.

· Add sugar or cream (optional).

The Stovetop Method

The method is as simple as its name. With basic and easily available items, you can brew your coffee and have the refreshment you desire.

You’ll Need:

· Water

· Coffee grounds

· Spoon

· Mug

· Saucepan

· Ladle

Brewing Procedure:

· Pour water into the saucepan. Note that you’ll lose some amount when boiling and some other to soaking your grounds. Therefore, be sure to use a slightly higher amount of water than your desired amount of coffee.

· Add your grounds and stir.

· Ensure that the amount of water added equals the quantity you’d use in a coffee maker

· Setting your burner to medium-high, bring to boil. You will need to stir, or else the grounds will burn once they settle at the bottom of the pan.

· After boiling for two minutes, turn off the stove and remove the pan from the burner. Allow the drink to sit for four minutes to allow the grounds to settle.

· Scoop the coffee into a mug using the ladle. If you don’t have a ladle, you can carefully pour your coffee into the mug. The grounds will be left at the bottom of the saucepan.

· Add sugar or cream (optional).


Brewing coffee without using a machine is easy. However, the flavor is a critical consideration for most cinephiles. For real freshness, buy coffee beans and grind them yourself whenever you need to brew. You will enjoy the savory flavor. Also, store your beans properly to maintain their freshness. A standard Mason jar is a perfect storage option.

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