9 Best Coffee for Moka Pot

best coffee for moka pot

Did you know that drinking coffee helps you stay focused and boosts your physical performance? Yes, it does that! We all love the tasty coffee brewed at our favorite coffee outlets. But did you know that you can brew your coffee at home with a Moka pot? The Italian Moka pot is similar to espresso in terms of flavor and consistency.

Do you have a Moka pot, but the coffee you brew still tastes filthy? It is not about the Moka pot; the issue is the coffee you use. In this article, I will help you select the best coffee for Moka pot that will guarantee the sweetest cup of coffee. Moka pots are the undisputed kings for brewing bitter coffee. So what makes it the best in the game?

What Qualifies as a Good Coffee?

There is more to a perfectly brewed cup of coffee aside from the right brewing procedure. Here is what you should consider:

The Right Grind

The right grind while brewing coffee is vital for optimal extraction. A very coarse grind will make you watery, weak, and acidic coffee. A too fine grind will make your coffee taste burnt and bitter. For a Moka pot, the best grind is medium to medium-fine. Not very coarse–coarser for espresso but finer than for a drip coffee maker.

To achieve this grind, I recommend buying green coffee beans then grinding them into a desirable size. By grinding at home, you are also assured of a great-tasting cup of coffee because you’ll be brewing freshly ground beans.


A Moka pot with the proper roast levels will brew your coffee as good as espresso. The perfect roast is a medium to dark type. Deeply roasted beans (dark roasts) have low acidity, rich chocolatey flavors, creamy mouthfeel, and a heavy body. Lighter roasts have high acidity due to lesser roasting.

If you enjoy crispy and bright acidic flavors, try brewing a light roast in your Moka pot. You will want to use the best grinder for consistent grind size for better extraction.

Coffee Pot Brand

Picking the right brand for brewing coffee guarantees you exceptional results. I would recommend Italian brands as they have a rich history of brewing stovetop espresso coffees. Illy and Lavazza are among the great brands that can guarantee you a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Best Coffee for Moka Pot

Moka pot is designed to help you brew potent and concentrated shots of coffee. The wrong choice of beans will make you bitter coffee you won’t like. I suggest a highly flavored, sweet, or spicy coffee for a Moka pot, to counter any bitterness when brewing.

Below are the best coffees for your Moka pot:

Sulawesi Kalossi

It is also called Celebes Kalossi Coffee. It is a rare type of coffee grown on the Indonesian Island called Celebes. The coffee trees are over 250 years old and produce a limited supply annually.

Given that it is of Indonesian origin, Sulawesi Kalossi is enriched with spices that result in a rich and syrupy mouthfeel when combined with sugar and chocolate.

It is available in different grind sizes as a pre-ground. Its espresso grind would be too fine for a Moka pot. Therefore, it is advisable to buy it as a whole bean and grind it yourself to a medium-fine size.

Coffee Bros. Espresso Roast

When roasting for espresso, the goal is not just about achieving the right color but also yielding a richly sweet and porous coffee bean. Roasters behind this brand understand this and, therefore, give special attention to their roasting process to blend this masterpiece.

Most espresso beans are skew dark, but with its medium roast, it is vibrant, making it stand out from the rest. It features a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Colombia. Like espresso, it is sweet and bold, featuring brighter flavors of vanilla, strawberry, and sugarcane.

Fresh Roasted Coffee’s FTO Black Knight Coffee Whole Bean Blend

Moka pot coffee maker produces bitter flavors compared to other coffee brews. But, with the right bean, you will make the tastiest and sweetest cup of coffee.

For dark roast coffee lovers, this is the perfect blend. It boasts of an inherent sweetness when mixed with a reminiscence of caramelized brown sugar. It has deep flavors of chocolate and tropical plantains. The beans are organically certified.

Volcanica Coffee’s Guatemala Antigua Reserve Whole Bean Coffee

Antigua region of Guatemala boasts nutrient-packed volcanic soils that provide a conducive environment ideal for premium quality Arabica coffee.

It has a dark roast perfect for Moka pot brewing. It has a creamy mouthfeel, silky and full body which will have you think you are having a hot shot of espresso. This blend features nutty flavors and low acidity, as is with most South American coffees.

It is available as pre-ground espresso roasts, but these can clog your Moka pot. Therefore, it is best if you grind the beans by yourself to a medium-fine size. With intense flavors and a bold body, this coffee is perfect for homebrew.

Equator Coffee Whole Bean Blend

Colombia, Kenya, and Sumatra countries produce some of the highest-quality Arabica beans in the world. The beans are combined to form the Equator Coffee blend.

To maintain the highest quality, the beans are carefully selected from micro-lots and cooperatives. They are then perfectly roasted to a medium-dark hue that results in a complex flavor and heavy body. They are best suited for Moka pots to prevent mellow flavor.

Kenyan coffee has tart acidity, while Colombian beans boast of marzipan and milk chocolate. The woody and earthy flavors are from the Sumatra beans.

If you are after a brand with a wide range of flavors with a heavy and rich body, then Equator Blend is the best option for you.

Organic Sumatra Swiss Water Decaf

Are you considering cutting your caffeine intake while preserving your taste of darker roasts? This can be the best option for you.

This coffee originates from Sumatra in Indonesia. It is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, removing up to 99% of caffeine levels while maintaining the coffee flavors. It has a medium roast with earthy flavors, creamy, bold, and chocolatey for an excellent brew of Moka coffee.

No access to a grinder? You are free to place a request for the size of coffee grounds you like. It will be delivered as per your specifications. Nonetheless, pre-ground beans will also brew you a cup, but if you have a grinder, grab the raw beans and grind them yourself.

Lifeboost Espresso

Lifeboost is widely known for growing, processing, and roasting extremely high-quality and healthy 100% Arabica coffee. The coffee originates from coffee estates in the Nicaraguan mountains.

The best beans are hand-picked and processed in spring water. They are then hand-roasted in small batches before packing them in bags. Each Lifeboost espresso bag is organic and mycotoxin-free, making it a healthy option.

It has a dark color, bold brew with caramel and chocolate notes. Its naturally sweet taste makes it perfect for a Moka pot. If you enjoy a latte, adding milk to its heavy body makes a lovely hard to resist cup.

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s original goal was to introduce high-quality European-style dark roast coffee into the American market. Ever since they have continued to craft the best blend in the market, their dark roast blend is their bestseller, and they are considering exemplifying it.

It has fantastic flavors that will knock you out if you are faint of heart. This blend is bold, rich, spicy, and complex leaving you with a syrupy mouthfeel. The prominent flavor is dark chocolate backed by red berries and cardamom spice for a sweet shot of Moka pot.

Furthermore, they can grind the beans as per your specifications, which makes your brewing process convenient.

Aromistico Roma Blend

Aromistico is a blend of coffee with an Italian origin. Having been in the coffee brewing industry for a long time, Italian roasters have perfected the skill of mixing and crafting the right blends by roasting them to perfection.

Aromistico Roma Blend features Robusta and Arabica beans from Guatemala and El Salvador, which are then roasted to a perfect medium-dark roast. It has a distinct oily sheen that veers towards a dark roast. It lacks the defining black color of an Italian or French roast.

The resultant flavor is sharp and rich, with slight acidity and with hazelnut flavor. Its pleasant and powerful aroma will make your mouth watery as you brew it in the Moka pot.

Final Words

Having looked at the best coffees for your Moka pot, you are now in a position to brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee. Recall, the issue is not the Moka pot but the coffee bean you choose for brewing your coffee. Having the right size of the grind and the best roast are among the prime qualities of good coffee. Grab any bag of the above coffee types and your Moka pot. You will be surprised by the results.

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